Uneeda Burger
After a summer filled with travel and a variety of other commitments, we re-assembled Legit Beef – that’s myself (@thevowel), @drewbenz, & @KPaul – at Uneeda Burger last week.

Since Uneeda opened we’ve been asked a number of times when we were going to be reviewing it.  It turned out that last week was the perfect time to go.  It was a gorgeous Seattle summer evening that was made for the patio at Uneeda, burgers, and a pitcher of good beer.

The menu at Uneeda speaks to me.  The Classic burger is simple as it should be, but if you want to dress it up you’ve got plenty of interesting options.
The menu at Uneeda Burger

While Drew & KP elected to go with various Signature burgers, I went straight for the Classic.  If I stick to my standard bacon cheeseburger it’s much simpler for me to compare the burger to others that I had.  I did make two deviations from my standard, though – a 2nd patty since I’d missed lunch, and going for the Gleason Ranch 28-day aged grass-fed beef.

Following this was the only bad part of our visit to Uneeda.  My burger arrived… WITHOUT BACON.

Normally I’d ask someone for a couple of strips of bacon to add to the burger, but I was so hungry that I decided not to bother.  I did miss the crunch that the bacon would’ve provided but I survived somehow.

The bun was lightly toasted, but couldn’t hold up to the juices of two patties of very good beef.  It wasn’t long before the bottom was soaked through.  The Signature burgers came with a sturdier bun that probably would’ve served mine well.  The cheese was nicely melted.  The tomatoes were good, and while the lettuce was shredded it clearly wasn’t the straight-from-a-bag variety of crappy shreddy lettuce that some places serve.  The special sauce was a little lacking in the special department.  It was fine, but it didn’t have a ton of flavor and I would’ve been happier with less of it.  I also prefer a smokier, less mayo-y sauce on my burgers.

The beef was EXCELLENT.  Clearly a huge step above the typical beef you’ll find between a bun, and it was cooked to Uneeda’s standard medium without being dry at all.  The grind was coarse like it should be, and the patty was nicely assembled and not overly compressed.  Next time I’m going to try the regular beef, though.  The grass-fed patties had so much flavor to them that they stood out a little too much.  A great burger is a harmony of all the ingredients, and isn’t just about the beef.

The fries & onion rings were both above-average.  The pitcher of Odin went down perfectly with the meal.

+ outstanding beef treated right and cooked properly

– bacon was sadly MIA, the bun wasn’t up to the challenge

Rating: ★★★★☆