520 Burger

The 520 Burger, self-claimed “Best in Bellevue.”

The 520 Bar & Grill features an eponymous burger which claims to be the “Best in Bellevue!” It’s hard not to scoff at the claim when you have titans of beef such as Daniel’s Broiler and Jack Howie’s just down the road, not to mention nearly 60 years of burger deliciosity from Burgermaster. Does their claim hold up? Obviously not, but failure is often more entertaining than success, so please read on.

Let’s start with the one thing they get right, the beef. On paper at least. It is quality best replica watches fresh-ground beef which is juicy and delicious. Unfortunately, I asked for medium and received well done. This was no fluke as the same thing happened to my burger buddy’s patty melt. Still the beef was good and a little fire never killed anyone, so we can overlook that. However, things would quickly go down hill from here.

The onion bun looked like it had been sitting in a bag on a store shelf for a couple months, with no hint of toasting on either side. The lettuce wasn’t really lettuce so much as a house salad, mixed greens with spinach. What the hell? I’m a man who values his lettuce, this was befuddling. I gave it a shot, put it on half the burger but my taste buds were having none of it. The tomato was fresh and juicy, providing some much needed lubrication, as there was no sauce or mayo on the burger. The cheese was cheddar, mostly melted but not very flavorful.

In conclusion, I’d say that not only is this not the best burger in Bellevue, it’s not even the best for three city blocks. You watch your mouth, 520 Bar & Grill. It’s too bad though, if the house salad isn’t served as a burger topping, the cooks are more careful and they splurge on a better quality bun, this burger could easily reach 3.5-4.

Unbeef: Fresh cut french fries, decent nachos, cool joint.

+ Quality beef, juicy.

Р Overcooked beef negated its quality, the cheese was meh, the veggies were depressing, and the underwhelming bun appropriately bookended a disappointing burger.

520 Bar & Grill’s “520 Burger”

Rating: ★★½☆☆