Qunicy's Charbroiled Burgers 

Quincy’s is a small, local chain with an outpost in the cafeteria where I work.  I’ve eaten there about a half-dozen times when I’ve had a burger craving but haven’t had time to leave the office.

Today’s specimen was a “Quincy Burger” with bacon and cheddar cheese, minus pickles.

The burger was clearly a preformed patty without much texture or flavor.  The cheese not only wasn’t melted, it wasn’t even warm.  The bacon was limp.  The burger was drowning in mayo and ketchup – I had to wipe a lot of it off with a napkin to eat it.  The lettuce was the cheap shredded stuff.  The tomato was actually ok.  While the bun showed slight toasting marks, it’s didn’t taste toasted or above room temperature.

The fries were generic, frozen-before-cooking fries.

+ it’s close to my office.

– the burger.

Rating: ★★☆☆☆