Did I just have the best burger of my life?

I don’t know that I can answer that question.  I can state that the burger I had for lunch today was practically flawless.  Let me share the LL experience with you as best I can in a few hundred words.

When you walk in the door, it’s clear that you’ve entered a burger Twilight Zone run by mad scientists.  The word “Laboratory” is no accident, and it’s not simply because the milkshakes come in beakers.  Let’s take a look at the menu:


After you walk in, you’re greeted and encouraged to take your time.  If you’re not familiar with the menu you’re going to need it.  The simplest thing to do is just select one item from each column, but you can mix and match any way you want.  I went with a 1/4 pound baby super beef patty made from prime grass-fed sirloin and ribeye, cheddar cheese, bacon, and the top secret burger sauce.  To round out the meal I ordered a side of tater tots with bacon-onion salt and a nutella shake.

The patty was outstanding.  Good texture, some char, and juicy with great flavor.  The cheese was melted as it should be.  The maple bacon was done but still slightly chewy.  The sauce had a nice smoky flavor to it.  The bun held up well and never got soggy.  The lettuce, tomato, and red onion were all very nice.  I’ve been struggling to find something that I could say didn’t work about this burger, and here’s the best I could come up with – there might’ve been too much sauce, and there was almost – not quite, but almost – too much bacon.

The tater tots are fantastic.  The flavor from the bacon-onion salt is subtle but adds a really nice touch.  As I was partway through my meal, I was brought a side of homemade ranch to dip them in.  There was garlic, there were spices, but I can’t remember what she said was in it – chipotle? wasabi? – as I was blissfully lost inside a fog of food at the time.  I do remember saying “ooooooh” and calling out “thank you!”.

The shake was just… wow.

+ Mind-blowingly good burger.  The great sides only add to the total experience.

– It’s a long drive from where I live.

Rating: ★★★★★