A group of Seattle-area burger devotees, we seek out and destroy the best burgers Seattle has to offer. We critique the art of regional hamburgers with passion. And with every art there follows an internet presence.

So we decided to throw our beef hats in the ring and legitimize Seattle’s burgerdom with our own beef. Crafting our reviews and itineraries to find Seattle’s best hamburgers so you don’t have to.

No cow is safe.

How We Score –
We use a five point rating system, 0 – 5 in half point increments and we rate only the burger. So despite how much we love or hate the service, atmosphere, french fries or otherwise, we only rate the burger. Quite literarily really. We rate the burger in front of us. We’re not in the business of rating locations or restaurants, we’ll leave that to someone else. We rate without reservation only the burger prepared and put in front of us at the time, nothing more and nothing less. We take no kick backs or freebies from any burger joint and we discuss, review, and score completely independent of any financial burger interest.

We do, however, take recommendations. If you have a Western Washington locale in mind that you haven’t seen reviewed, please feel free to leave a comment. Dont live in the Seattle area? Leave us a comment and recommendation on your areas best burger. You never know. We just might make a road trip.